I’m a big daydreamer. Not to a crippling extent where I can’t rouse myself to get anything done, but I’m a pretty fantastic in my daydreams.

I tend to dress really well, too…

I dream about the books I’ll write in the future, about professional connections I long to make, about one day teaching a college class on romance writing–a whole semester, not just a single class. Sometimes my daydreams get a little wild and I save someone from imminent danger. Sometimes British Royalty drops by my house for tea and something pithy I say changes their lives forever… Sometimes, in a more romantic mood, my husband saves me from some horrible fate. After a few heroics, it always comes back around to the same thing: I dream about that next step in my career–the one just out of reach, but so, so close.

They say you can’t achieve it if you don’t first dream it. If that’s the case, look out World! I’m about to dress like a fashionista and stop a bank robbery using only my debit card and my fabulous good looks. 😉

What do you daydream about?