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I have allergies to gluten, dairy and soy. I’m absolutely no fun to eat with, and feeding me is next to impossible, although I do scrounge for myself rather successfully. Realizing that I have all these allergies happened in the last few  years, so I still remember when I still ate all the good stuff.

For example, I LOVE cheese, bread, white sauces, pasta, cakes and all sorts of luxurious deserts. I still dream about pizza (not kidding!) and ice cream. While there are substitutes, there really is nothing like the real thing. A cashew “cheese” pizza with rice flour crust is–oh, don’t get me started. It’s horrible! I know exactly what I’m missing.

Oh, if only I could!

Oh, if only I could!

So I tend to fantasize in my writing. You’ll notice my characters eating all sorts of sumptuous meals from BLTs to creamy chocolate mousse. There is a reason for that–I’m living out my fantasy through my writing.

You can tell a lot about a writer’s personal life through their books. The type of hero they choose is normally somewhat indicative of the kind of man they are naturally attracted to. In my case, if you just watch the foods that my characters eat, you know what foods I love, crave and can’t eat anymore.

So, enjoy your burgers, onion rings, sandwiches and cheese cake people, because there is a writer in Canada who can’t indulge… and someone needs to do it for me. 😉

What do you enjoy through fiction that is forbidden in your real world?