I am on a self-imposed writing vacation until the New Year. I do have a couple of manuscripts that need my attention for another smaller press, but I’m tired. So tired. And with the holidays coming right up, I decided to enjoy some Christmas with my family and forget about work for a couple of weeks.

This doesn’t normally go well. I tend to get frustrated without something to work on, but I’m determined to keep myself occupied. There are Christmas movies to watch, if I can convince my family to watch them with me… I’d also like to try my hand at some heart-stopping coconut milk hot chocolate. (Coconut oil isn’t good for the old ticker…)

Right this very moment, I’m propped up on my unmade bed, computer on my lap, listening to my husband make plans for us to go sledding with another family.

I will thoroughly enjoy my Christmas holiday, even if it kills me. LOL! (But with coconut milk hot chocolate… really, what a way to go!)


What am I missing? I need more holiday ideas! ๐Ÿ˜‰