In a burst of winter enthusiasm, we took our son sledding. Now, we have a very cerebral kid. So after getting to this fantastic sledding hill and hauling our sled to the top of it, our son refused to go down. He watched other people go down, but wouldn’t launch himself down a hill, with a parent or alone. Just being around the sledding was enough for him.


So I went down! It was a fun, but apparently a 34 year old woman hurdling down a hill and yelping with every bump was less dignified than I imagined, and my husband downright refused to go down after he saw that. There was no following that display! LOL!

So there you have it. My Christmas holiday fun.

I swear, it really is me inside that coat.

I swear, it really is me inside that coat.

I’m posting this quickly, and then we’re off to see a Nativity play put on by a local church.

Fa la la la la…. la la la la!