When my husband and I were brand new newly weds, we hopped in our Honda Accord and drove across the country to Alberta to check out the job situation. We had all our earthly possessions in the back of our car and a sense of adventure. It was the best decision we ever made–an adventure together.

Somehow, as we drove across those flat highways, we never considered that we’d fail. How could we? Everything felt possible. As we drove, this is the tune we blasted. We had limited money in the bank, no jobs, no home set up, and an aunt in Alberta who’d said we could stay for a few days.

When we arrived in Alberta, we stayed one night with my aunt before we rented our first apartment, then one more night while we waited for our a bed to be delivered. Jobs came quickly and our life in this cold, flat province started. We’ve never looked back. Sometimes I’m amazed at the blind faith that took us out here. I wonder if I’d be willing to take that kind of risk now, almost a decade later and with so much more to lose… But we did it then.  We have a “self photo” we took on that drive across the country that I framed and put in our living room. It reminds us of pleasant memories, just us and God.

I thought I’d share this song with you–a fitting beginning to a new year. I still feel like something good is about to happen.