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A writer’s life is all about the editing. I think it sounds much more glamorous than it is.

When you look at the reality of the situation, in order to spend a day writing, you have to ignore the ever growing mess your family creates around you.

When you are a writer for a living (unless you’re Danielle Steele), you have to live on the cheap. It’s not an “easy living.” You can kiss goodbye the pricey Starbucks drinks, because if you’re counting on your writing income, you can no longer responsibly enjoy them.

Staying up pounding away on a project sounds much more enticing when you don’t see the exhausted woman losing her good looks to a lack of sleep.


When I took this picture (wanting to show you the remnants of a tea I had with another writer friend) I had to edit a bit… I swiped away the sugar from the table top.  I tossed aside a squishy pink toy that shivered and flashed where it landed just outside the shot.

We do our editing in writing–pulling the beauty of romance together into one enticing book–but we do it in life, too. Being a writer means pushing aside the less attractive realities in order to pursue our dream.

Don’t get me wrong–I love what I do! I love it enough to edit a bit so that the garish reality of a squishy pink toy doesn’t get in the way of showing you how I feel about it all.

And I feel blessed, excited, thrilled. I love this. Just don’t pop over unannounced… unless you don’t mind facing a bit of reality in the form of an un-swept floor and a sink full of dishes while I hammer away at my newest book.