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I love having new books to work on, and after a telephone meeting with my editor at Love Inspired, we have decided on two stories lines that seem ever so promising. I have to say–this is the best way to start a year.

Taking any sort of break from writing is more agonizing for me than it probably should be. Taking a break from a current project is easy. Sometimes, I’m just really tired and uninspired, so I watch Netflix and play with my son instead. Other times, my husband and son need my attention. When I come down with a cold, I’m a terrible writer, so I take a few days off with some Tylenol and blanket. Those are all relatively painless because they are little breaks that I choose, and I know that I have a nice big project waiting for me to get writing again.

If I ever face a stretch where I don’t have the “go ahead” on a story from an editor, that is a break that I haven’t chosen, and I get creatively frustrated. My friends find it amusing to watch my writhe, and any complaint I might have during that stretch is generally met with, “I’m sure it’ll sort itself out once you’re working on another book.” They know me well!

With this latest chat with my editor, my creative frustration is at an end, and I can start on my newest book. It’s that same feeling I get after a long, cold winter, and we get our first really warm stretch that melts most of the snow. People go running outside in shorts–not because 3 degrees above freezing is actually warm enough for shorts, but because it feels downright balmy compared to the last few months of 30 below freezing.

I’m figuratively running outside in my shorts right now. 😉

Disclaimer: this is NOT my rear end. ;)

Disclaimer: this is NOT my rear end. 😉