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I’m a plotter.

I like to know exactly where my story is going before I start writing my first chapter. So right now (at least when I’m typing this) I’m plotting my newest story. I start with a blank page, and just start filling it up, chapter by chapter.

Chapter One–my hero and heroine meet.

Chapter Two– …

Sometimes stories get away from me, but I’m quick to revise my plot outline to get it back under control. It’s a bit like wrangling a steer. Or how I imagine it might be like to wrestle a large, irritated bovine. I’ve never manhandled livestock before, but I have wrestled down a plot line.


The truth of the matter is, I get tired. I forget where I’m at in a story. I can write myself into corners all too easily. I need that outline to keep me focused and moving in the right direction. Stories can be wily.

But seriously–look at that picture. Our cowboy up there still has his hat on. Now that’s style.