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I’m a sucker for a wedding story. (That shouldn’t be surprising, considering the books I write.) I came across a beautiful story the other day about two soldiers who decided to get married last minute before being deployed on different missions. The groom, Sean Whitney, is due to return home September 2015, and the bride, Caitlin Murray, was heading off to basic training. They got married in army fatigues and combat boots in the airport, had lunch, and then had to say their goodbyes.


I can’t imagine that kind of separation. I’m glad they got married before they left, though. They’ll have something to hold onto, something concrete instead of a hope that the other will wait.

I can just feel their anxiety as their separation approached. Can you imagine having to kiss your fiance goodbye for two and half years? Who needs a white wedding when you have two hours to pull together a wedding and make what’s in your heart legal?

Don’t take it for granted when you get to trip over your husband shoes for hundredth time, or he breaks yet another piece of your china set. We’re lucky if we get to have our loved ones near enough to share all of those experiences, the sweet ones and the irritating ones alike.

The next time I get frustrated with some inconvenience, I need to remind myself how fortunate I am.

He’s home.