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I’m normally quite the planner when I write. I like to know exactly where my story is going, and even if I change things as I go, I like to keep my newest version of “exactly what will happen” close by. It helps me not to get lost in a story.

I’ve likened it to steer wrestling–keeping that story firmly in hand:


This story is proving a little bit harder to plan. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to have my hero convince my heroine that he’s the one for her. Partly, that’s because I have some challenging hurdles between them, and partly because I haven’t written enough to the story to know my heroine’s heart well enough yet. Sometimes these things take time.

So my outline for this book currently has all of my chapters filled in, except for the last. I don’t know how I’ll end it yet, and that’s a little bit thrilling. So instead of steer wrestling, my last chapter is more like bull riding.


Still exciting, and that hat is still firmly on our cowboy’s head, but it’s a bigger beast.