My old computer was very well used. I’m not a person who uses a computer lightly. I have it on and doing something for me for about sixteen hours a day. I normally have a pretty good mix of writing, keeping up with friends, keeping up with the shows I like to watch (Big Bang Theory, anyone??) and researching various tidbits of information all day long.

Then my computer started to do weird thing like shock me, flicker, turn off suddenly. My husband–my very own personal techie guy–told me we should probably start looking for a new one soon, so I did just that.

And now I have a new computer! It’s amazing what a brand new computer has done for my writing. It’s like starting a new school year with new pencils, or renovating a kitchen and then cooking in it for the first time. My novel is flowing out of me in rare form, and I’m making the most of it!

What is it about a new computer that freshens everything up? It’s like a brand new pair of jeans that make your hindquarters look fantastic. You just walk a little taller, you know?