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Bibel-1[1]My son’s 5th birthday is coming up, and I decided (for one of his gifts this year) to give him his very first Bible. He’s been reading since he was 2 and a half, so he’s one of those kids that really leapt forward in that department, and he kind of took over my Bible. He likes to read Psalm 23 on his own, and since I’d like my Bible back, I need to give him his own.

It occurred to me that Bibles have been a source of family history for, well, ever. People would write births and deaths in family Bibles, and family history would be passed down.

So I had an idea. I started contacting family members and asking them for their favorite Bible verses. My son has a great Christian heritage on both sides, and I thought it would be neat to connect family history with his spirituality. Some people remember passages associated with already deceased great-grandparents. Others who aren’t terribly religious at all, offered verses that they remember from their childhood church experience. All are treasured.

I underlined each passage and wrote the name of the person who provided it in the margin. What a great legacy to have–a verse your grandmother cherished or your great-uncle wanted you to take through life.

I wanted to bring back the family Bible, with a twist. A family Bible, not for a family, but for a little child who might learn that faith moves through generations, and that his experience connects to a bigger one.