I’ve submitted my latest manuscript to my editor at Love Inspired (fingers and heartstrings crossed!) which leaves me with a brand new novel to start.

I got this idea from a news story I saw not too long ago about a firefighter who found a baby on the firehouse doorstep. So my hero is going to be a firefighter, and I’m not going to give away my plot, but suffice it to say, there will be a baby, some adventure, and a gorgeous woman who will be just perfect for my hero, if he’ll just open his eyes to recognize it. First things first, though: research.

I have to learn the details surrounding firefighting, firehouses, and the life of the men and women who keep us safe. So far, most of that research has happened on Youtube with some tremendously useful videos giving tours of firehouses, interviews, etc. I do intend to step up my researching skills and visit our local firehouse later this week. I already made the woman who answered the phone a little nervous when I said I was a local writer, hoping for a tour. It helped when I told her I wrote romance novels, not hard hitting journalism pieces, but I’m not about to push my luck by pulling out cameras and snapping pictures.

So instead of a cheesy picture of me grinning next to an awkwardly smiling fireman, I’ll give you this photo:

Chicago firefighters

Chicago firefighters

So for the next little while, I’ll be researching, then plotting, and before you know it, I’ll be writing another first chapter for a brand new book.

As usual, I’ll keep you posted!