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At home, we’ve been growing some plants. Watching dirt, is actually more accurate. We bought pots, dirt, seeds, and put them all together according to the instruction on the seed packets. I won’t hide the fact that I said a very earnest (and silent prayer) that these seeds would grow.

Because #1. seeds taking root and growing always amazes me


#2. I really didn’t want my son to be disappointed with some pots of earth on our window sill that produce absolutely nothing.


I think this is what Easter is all about–at least in our Christian tradition. It’s about watching and waiting and hoping and believing that under the surface, something miraculous is happening. Because when we look around at the pain on our planet, it’s easy to get discouraged. And frankly, how are we supposed to explain that our kids?

But we believe in something more than the dirt in the pot. We believe in the seed… and the One who makes it sprout. So when I woke up to this the other morning… these tiny little leaves sprouting on the surface of the soil, I shouted for my 5 year-old son to come take a look.


“They grew! Do you see? The seeds sprouted!”

I was probably more excited than he was, because he’d believed me all along that something would happen. I was the one who half-way doubted in my gardening ability.

If ten years ago, I could have been given a glimpse into my life right at this exact moment, I would have been mesmerized. This morning, we’re getting ready for church. Easter Sunday. I’ll call my husband on his cell phone to chat for a few minutes before we leave since he has to work the long weekend… Love you, honey. Love you, too.

My son and I will check the plants on the window sill to make sure we watered them, and I’ll check the stove for the fourth time to make sure it’s off.

“Ok, let’s go! Quietly, please. I shouldn’t hear your feet on the stairs…”

“Mommy, I forgot my bag of toys.”

“Ok, go back and get them. Run!”

In a romance novel, after the hero and heroine have found each other, there is often a little scene tagged onto the end: a glimpse into the happy life this couple have waiting for them. Sometimes, I lay in bed and remember myself ten years ago, when I could never have imagined the life I have now with my own, sweet little family. What would I have thought if I could have gotten a 30 second glimpse into my life right now? But God had plans that I couldn’t even imagine. He still does.

I really shouldn’t be so surprised when the seeds sprout, should I ?