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I’ve read a lot of articles by moms berating Mom Blogs for making their days seem shiny and perfect when really, their days are no better than our days. Perhaps their cameras are a bit better… and their mental editing of the details.

I think we authors fall into that same trap. We post about the kind of writing life we wish we had: the photogenic kind.

I’m a full time writer and for the last several years have produced from two to four novels each calendar year. So I do get the work done–it’s just not always done in pools of mid-morning sunlight. I decided to post my real morning for you today in pictures.


This is my sink filled with dishes–the sort of thing that occupies me around here this time of day. Glamorous, no?
Confession: I had to squirt some more soap into the sink in order to refresh the bubbles for this picture. I’d already wandered off and forgotten about the dishes once this morning.


This is a pile of library books my son and I were reading in bed after my husband left for work.

Confession: I pulled the comforter over my unmade bed. I’m not dressed yet. (I’m writing this on Saturday morning before 10 am, so I’ll make myself pretty later on… after the dishes.) Don’t even ASK to see my hair before I’ve gone at it with the straightening iron this morning. 


This is the tea that will keep me going. It’s an absolute necessity. My breakfast consisted of a bowl of leftover potato salad and tea. I wish I could report something prettier–like a muffin with a perfect smear of blackberry preserves, or an egg over easy with a strip of crisp bacon. Nope. A bowl of leftover potato salad, eaten while standing, waiting for the water to boil for tea.


This is the view outside my window. The snow is mostly melted, but there hasn’t been time for greenery. You can’t see it in this picture, but it’s snowing these stubborn little flakes that aren’t sticking on the ground, but still count as snow. Inspiring? Not for me!

And in the background, Super Grover is “releasing the power of observation” on a Sesame Street episode. Ironic! And effective, because my 5-year-old is happily watching TV while I do a blog post for Monday. I really want to get to work on this next scene in my book, so there is going to be a lot of Sesame Street in the background. Sesame Street lessens my Mommy-guilt while I focus on my novel-writing. At least it’s educational!

So that is what my day looks like. Truthfully.  Tomorrow can be prettier.