This last week, my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

Eight years ago, I was on my honeymoon about this time, still staring at my ring finger and cuddling up to my brand new husband in public, because now I was allowed to. In other words, we were busy turning everyone else’s stomachs. 😉 I was a Mrs. and we were now a family.

I still remember those blissful walks together in Georgia’s steamy heat. The time flowed by around us, and we just basked in each other.

Eight years later, and our life looks a lot different than it did then. First of all, we’re no longer broke newly weds, but have settled down with (gasp!) a couch of our own. We have a little boy, a neighborhood to call our own, and a few more gray hairs and stretch marks. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the perfect way I fit under my husband’s arm.


I barely knew my husband when I married him. From “hello” to “I do” was eight months, and looking back on it I can see why our friends and family were shocked at our quick marriage, but we just knew. He was for me, and I was for him, and I have to say, he was the most exciting leap I ever took.

Eight years later, these two are my life.


And I wouldn’t change a thing.