I read a really moving article today about body image. It talked about how we strive to be thin, then carve ourselves down to less than we are now, in order to feel worthy. It’s very worth the read, and I can’t do it justice trying to recap, so I strongly urge you to click on over!

I like to think of myself as a pretty liberated woman, but you know what? I’ve been known to eat off a salad plate. Have you ever done that? This little voice in your head says, “Portion control! Seriously, you are not going to get back into those jeans this way…” And so instead of taking a regular sized plate of the meal you slaved over, you grab a salad plate, because you can’t fit as much onto it, and when you’ve scraped the last of the gravy off of that tiny plate, you “know that you’re done.”

Well, I’ve decided something: I’m never eating off a salad plate again. Unless, it’s to eat salad.


I really do think I’m worth a meal. A full meal. On a regular plate. My husband thinks I’m stunning, my son tells me on a regular basis that he thinks I’m “a pretty Mommy,” and when I look in the mirror, I see curves and beauty. So for the love of Pete, why do I feel like I’m only worth half a meal?

Ladies, let’s stop carving ourselves down. Let’s stop carving each other up. The next time you come to visit, I’m going to feed you. Because you are worth a meal. You are worth a treat.

And we’re gorgeous! Just ask my five-year-old.