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I was raised by an accountant and a pastor. Pastors don’t make much money and accountants know how to pinch a penny. When I went through my starving artist days, working a part time job and living on the cheap, it wasn’t much of a challenge for me! I knew how to freeze big batches of food. I knew how to get the cheapest ingredients and jazz them up. I knew how to live within a budget, and almost ten years later, I still do.

Being in the habit of cheap grocery shopping, I always assumed that creamer potatoes were expensive, and therefore out of my reach. I don’t know why, because I’ve walked past them every week for a year, seeing the price (about $2 for a small bag), but in my head, they’ve always been too extravagant.

Until a couple of weeks ago, when I decided that I HATED dragging huge bags of potatoes from my car up to the apartment. And I bought the creamer potatoes. Just once.


There is no going back–not after tasting what I’ve been missing all these years. Especially since my ban on buying them was the least logical ban of my life. LOL! It’s funny how we let our emotions lead us around isn’t it? It makes me wonder how many things I pass by without even realizing my life could be richer.

So what are your little luxuries? How do you treat yourself?