At our local historic park, they held a weekend of weddings through time. This is our all-time favorite summer hang out for the family. If we’d stayed for the entire day, we would have been able to attend four weddings from 1886 through 1920, but we tuckered out after wedding #2. I thought I’d share a few pictures.

The first wedding was at the fort, set in 1886. This was between a Metis woman and a Scottish man.



It wouldn’t have been complete without fiddle music, some circle dancing, and a feast of rabbit stew. Being the allergic-to-everything family that we are, we couldn’t do the food, but we could enjoy the rest.





Can you see me in the circle dance?

Can you see me in the circle dance?


Then it was forward in time to 1905, where we attended a Methodist wedding.





My son made a friend in the pews…


Who he invited to eat a zip lock bag of blueberries with him.






And here is the happy couple.