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I recently saw a People Magazine story that reported that Britney Spears went to church again. It made me sad that the focus was on what she wore, and whether or not thigh high boots were an appropriate fashion statement for church. They seemed both doubtful of her fashion acumen and amused that she went to church dressed the way she did. Of course, this is People Magazine, and they do tend to focus on fashion and gossip, but as a Christian, it warmed my heart to see Britney Spears in church. In her thigh-high boots. Being herself.


She doesn’t have to wear a “church lady” dress to belong. She doesn’t have to know her Bible from a phone book. She can swear like a sailor, and I’d still be thrilled to see her gracing one of our pews. That is what church is about–people from every walk of life coming together to find God. Some in their Sunday best, others in blue jeans, and still others in their best thigh high boots.

Quite honestly, if there is one place that I think thigh-high boots belong, it’s in church. Along with the sensible pumps, the running shoes, the flip flops, and whatever ever else happens to be on a girl’s feet. As long as those boots are holding a person, they truly do belong.

What do you think?