Waiting is probably the hardest part of the publishing process. I have control over things while I hammer away at my manuscript, but once that manuscript is sent off to my editor, it’s out of my hands.

And the waiting begins.

Like a good writer, as soon as I send Manuscript A off, I start on a new book, Manuscript B. Which I’ve finished writing, but I still haven’t heard back about Manuscript A. This is just the way things work in publishing. It isn’t a bad sign. In fact, a No comes back really quickly. So I’m still optimistic.

As things stand right now, I have Manuscript A being considered by my editor (and the team at Harlequin), and Manuscript B ready to be submitted just as soon as I hear back about the one they’ve got.

I’m hoping for good news. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post here (and on Facebook) that I’ve got another book coming your way. I think about that before I go to sleep at night, and I stop during the day and stare at a wall while I wonder how that manuscript is faring… and just whose desk it happens to be resting on at the moment.

That waiting–it’s pure agony! I mean, it’s part of the game, and I’m used to it… sort of… but it’s not the fun part.

Before you feel too sorry for me, I should point out that while I wait, I read.  I don’t think I have to tell YOU what a delicious luxury that happens to be. I have no worry that what I read will influence the tone of my writing. I get to pore over book after book, immersing myself in someone else’s story.

In my humble opinion, the best rest involves a good book and some time to myself.



And food!