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Fall has arrived in our neck of the woods. Chilly wind, blazing trees, sweaters, my little faux fireplace… My favorite time of year!

With my son in school, I now walk him to school and back, which forces me outside. That’s not a bad thing. Exercise is positive, but I do miss the good old days when I could count on staying inside for a solid week and letting it do what it wanted outside.

Snow? Not a problem! I could make the groceries last. 🙂

I shouldn’t mention snow. In Alberta, Canada, we normally get our first snow in October (even if it doesn’t stick around), so I could be blamed for it. There is an unwritten rule around here–the one who says the S-word shoulders full responsibility for the next snowfall.

So I take it back. I didn’t say it.

Let’s just stick with those falling leaves and the drizzly days. Weather perfection!