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I am aiming my newest project at Harlequin’s Heartwarming line. Have any of you tried these books? They aren’t available in bookstores, but you can order them online through Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes and Noble… They are a sweet read, which means that they have no hanky-panky and traditional values–an aspect that I really like. They aren’t Christian, but they are certainly family friendly. Harlequin says that these are novels that you’d be comfortable sharing with your daughter or granddaughter.

I’m a sucker for weddings. I’m like this in real life, too. When my friends tell me that they’re dating someone, my brain immediately jumps ahead to a possible wedding. When friends are single, I mentally comb through my list of available acquaintances. Don’t worry–I do stop myself. I bite my tongue. I curb the blind setups, because seriously, I want to KEEP my friends, too. LOL!

But that’s why I’m drawn to stories that end in a wedding. Ending in a stable relationship is fine, I suppose, but a wedding just hits my brain right in the pleasure center.


I haven’t always been that way, though. I’m introverted, so the prospect of my own wedding terrified me. I didn’t want to be the center of attention. I didn’t want a crowd of people staring at me during the most important day of my life, and I couldn’t face the pressure. My husband, luckily enough, is exactly the same way. So for our wedding, we had exactly 8 guests. We said our vows in my parents’ living room, and we went to a beautiful little restaurant for our reception.

Now that my own wedding is behind me, I can enjoy them again. Because really, what is more beautiful than two people getting married? And what is more fun than writing their story?