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Promotion is a big part of novel writing, and this week I’ve been in promotion-mode. In my other writing, I have a Christmas novel coming out, but I didn’t want to only promote that new book, I wanted to promote my Harlequin writing as well. So this week, I’m on Sandra Orchard’s blog. Come by and check it out.

Mostly, promotion comes in the form of giveaways and guest blogging. I’m going to open up this blog to some guest posts from other Love Inspired authors as well in the coming months. That way, you can hear about other great reads coming your way from Harlequin.

200px-For_Sale_by_Owner_Sign.svgIt doesn’t feel natural for me to “sell myself.” It feels awkward, frankly, but that’s what an author has to do. While we might be most comfortable safely tucked away behind our computers writing novels, there is also the public aspect of the job, and I have to get myself out there.

So here is a question for you: how much would YOU share with the public, considering that everyone you know, and everyone you don’t, would be able to read it?

I’m still working on that balance. I hope I’m doing alright!