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imagesMeet Jane Myers Perrine!

Award-winning writer Jane Myers Perrine has worked as a Spanish teacher, minister, cook, rifle instructor, program director in a state hospital, and been an active volunteer but she always wanted to write.   Finally, she found time and has published books with  Avalon Books, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, and FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious RITA award in romance fiction.

Jane lives north of Austin where her life is controlled by two incredibly spoiled tuxedo cats.   When not writing, she spends her time swimming or cheering for University of Louisville and Kansas State football and basketball.



When does Christmas start?

If you’ve been to a mall in the last month, you get the idea we start celebrating Christmas around Halloween.   In many churches, the hanging of the greens in late November or early December seems to signal the beginning of the season. 

We forget about Advent, the season before Christmas day.  Oh, we know it’s there.   Church members light Advent candles and children open Advent calendars as they look forward to Christmas day.  We are so intent on the miracle we forget to prepare for that most wonderful of gifts. 

When my minister husband served churches, we always hosted an open house for members of the congregations.    For weeks before the party, I cleaned house, opening closets I hadn’t looked in since the previous December, finding what I’d thought was lost.  I swept corners, vacuumed, and mopped kitchens floors.  I baked and  changed the burned-out light bulbs and fixed that broken light switch, busy for days as I prepared to welcome our friends.

The season of Advent is the preparation of our souls for the coming of Christ.   We open those dark places inside us, drag out and get rid of what’s old and ugly.   We look in the corners and sweep out those dark spaces.   We consider broken relationships and seek to fix them.   We recharge our souls, say our prayers and stay busy for weeks as we prepare for the long awaited  Jesus.  

Blessings during this season.


Matchmakers cover 2(1)

The path of planning a wedding is never smooth.  However, Adam and Gussie find that task even rockier when the Widows step up to help.  Filled with confidence because they played an important part in getting Adam to propose and helping Gussie set a date, choosing flowers and invitations does not scare them.  Then Adam’s sister Hannah shows up, and  amid all the planning and activities, they must take up the task of matchmaking again.