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We are now in the New Year, bright with promise. In my Canadian neck of the woods, we are clean with fresh snow, and as the days grow longer, I’m no longer thinking about chestnuts and stockings. I’m now thinking about spring time and the promise of our short, but beautiful summer.

In this brand new year, we like to think about how we’ll improve things. Online, we are constantly bombarded by negativity. Groups are mad at other groups. News stories never have good news. People fight in forums over everything from parenting styles to politics. It can be utterly overwhelming, unless–


We can choose to be that “living, breathing, screaming invitation to believe in better things.” I believe in angels, in miracles, in happiness and a reason for being on this cosmic ball of rock. I believe that my worth is deeper than my pay check, my waist line or the neighborhood I live in. I believe in more.

And every once in a while I bump into someone who inspires me to be better. That person, invariably, is a woman who has taken care of herself. She’s stopped to breathe, to read, to think, to grow. She hasn’t worn herself out. She’s drawn a few lines. She’s disagreed with the crowd. And when I come into contact with her (online, in Starbucks, in the street) she inspires me to do the same.

So have a cup of something delicious, pause with your own thoughts and take care of yourself a little more tenderly. You’re doing the rest of us a public service!

There are better things in this world.

We just have to stop and notice the sparkle.