DSC02536So I decided to be a hero the other day, and wear my non-parka jacket. The temperatures were hovering around freezing (which is very weird January weather around here, but who’s going to complain?), so I thought that wandering around in a Canada Goose parka might be a bit much and I shed my protective layer.

It was, frankly, just crazy cold. I’ve learned something–I’ve become accustomed to that cocoon of toasty warmth, so that outside air below freezing feels like unnatural punishment. I like to whip up my hood and look down the tunnel of wolf fur at a very narrow slice of the world around me. While it’s probably a horrible idea when crossing the road, it just feels safe.


People know who I am based on that coat. I get compliments on it. In Alberta, Canada, you get complimented on things you’d never imagine. Like the warmth of your coat. No matter how idiotic you look walking around in that thing, they’re all jealous of the fact that you don’t feel that arctic wind blasting you.

That’s right. Fashion is for AFTER you take the coat off! But it won’t be coming off again for several months. No more heroics.