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No_Kisses_-_Cold_and_Flu_Wave_CD-R_artworkAfter getting a flu, I’m finally feeling better and have the will to live again. That means that today, I have several things I’m determined to do:

1. Clean my bathroom–it’s the last step in recovery when you make your surroundings human again.

2. Write the last chapter of this manuscript.

That’s right–I’ve been sick AND writing… I still think it was a good idea, because the ideas kept flowing through my Nyquil induced fog, and I just kept on writing. When I go back and edit this bad boy, we’ll find out if there is a section where the author just seems kind of… stoned.

Today, isn’t about looking back, though, it’s about writing that very last chapter. The last chapter is just as intimidating as the first, because after you’ve left your hero and heroine despondently apart, with no hope that they’ll ever work out their differences, something significant has to happen that changes all that. And it has to be believable. That’s harder than you’d think, especially after you put all the work I just did into making that dark moment of despair as believable as possible, too…

However, after a chit chat with my mom, I think I’ve got it figured out! And with my flu just about over (except for my hacking and coughing, but I can live with that), I’m going to write this part without the benefit of medication. Just me and my computer–the way it’s supposed to be anyway.