In the middle of writing, editing, parenting and being wifely, I have just enough space to squeeze in a little vanity, too.

I’ve been planking. Yes, you know that already, but I’m still pretty excited about it a whole month later. Childbirth, a c-section and my thirties have done a number on my waistline, and I’d like to get it back again–as much as is realistically possible, that is. I’ve been seeing some results, too! Which is exciting. This is where the vanity comes in.

492px-Silhouette_or_a_pregnant_woman_and_her_partner-14Aug2011Now, on top of being 35 year old mother and wife, I’m also Celiac. That’s great fun–whenever I have even the tiniest amount of gluten, I bloat up like a six month pregnant woman. No joke! I’ve been congratulated on my impending bundle of joy when ill from something laced with gluten…

So anyway, with Valentine’s Day approaching, I bought some treats to send with my son to school. They had “gluten-free” written all over them, and my son begged and pleaded to try one early. I finally caved in and gave him one. A crumb–a CRUMB!–fell off of it, and I popped that crumb into my mouth.

Yeah, so those treats aren’t as gluten-free as they claim, and both my son and I went down with our allergic reaction. All my wonderful trimming is invisible while I look like I’m bringing new life into the world…

And you know what bugs me the most about this? Besides all the sick feelings that come with a glutening, besides looking pregnant when I’m not, I’m really ticked off that I can’t see the results of 4 weeks of planking. And I have to laugh, because it’s the most shallow response I can think of!

Vanity, thy name is Patricia.

Now, put that mental image firmly out of your mind and have a happy Valentine’s Day. 😉