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Valentine’s Day is over, and if it’s not your favorite time of year, remember this: chocolate is now on sale!

Photo by:  Nieuw from nl

Photo by: Nieuw from nl

I’m a romantic, but I’m also pragmatic. The only thing I asked from my husband for Valentine’s Day was a love letter. No flowers. No chocolate. No stuffed animals. Just a piece of paper (any paper!) with his words on it. And he delivered! His love letter was the best gift he could have given me. I melted.

Over the Valentine’s weekend, I also made good use of my time and submitted my nanny story to Harlequin American Romance. This one, I finished in record time because I had some revisions to my Love Inspired manuscript that needed to be done by a deadline, and I didn’t want to stop writing on the American Romance novel. So I poured it on and finished both. Both are now submitted, and the waiting begins.

Waiting might not be the fun part, but I’ve got another book idea percolating, so I’ll survive. This one, I’d like to aim for Harlequin Heartwarming. Heartwarming romances are sweet, but they’re also a little longer, so this book will take more time, more planning, more thought. Percolating a new story is pleasant–it’s like the scent of coffee wafting through the house. It’s not in the cup yet, but anticipation is sweet.

Photo by: Jason Walsh

Photo by: Jason Walsh