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Photo by Krista

Photo by Krista

Things I do while percolating that new story:

1. Cook–it’s a nervous habit. When I feel uncertain about anything, I tend to cook up large batches of food as if I were preparing to feed an army.

2. Teach my 5-year-old something new. My son is filled with questions like, “What cracked the sidewalk?” and “How do helicopters land?” Seriously, how did parents do this before the days of Youtube?? Any of you who DID, you have my eternal respect!

3. Stare at walls. It’s a rare and beautiful luxury–never take it for granted!

4. Decide that we really do need to paint the walls. And mentally try to procrastinate that.

5. Get abnormally social.  My friends, who might be mildly alarmed at my increase in social contact, know I’ll sidle off soon when my plot is sorted out in my head.

6. Eat. That’s related to all that cooking.

7. Lure my husband home. Again–the cooking. 😉

And while my husband is eating and chatting with me about his day at work, I’ve been known to callously interrupt him with,

“Wait! Wait! I what if the family was against it from the beginning, but in the middle where–”

“Are you even listening? I was telling you about that guy at work.”

“Yes. Sorry. I’m listening. Continue.”

And I scoop up him up a second helping. Because after he’s finished telling me about his day, he’ll patiently listen to me while I bounce ideas off of him. Then we’ll cuddle up on the couch together, his arms around me and my head on his chest, and we’ll blissfully stare at that wall together.