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My husband likes basketball, and I like cuddling up with him, so from time to time, we’ll sit together and watch a game. He’s watching for the regular sport-related things, but my brain spins just a little differently, and I sit there wondering about more interesting things.

For example, if you’re a 7 foot tall man who isn’t a basketball star, how do you fit into a Toyota? Those guys are massive. I can’t imagine trying to fold one them into a regular sedan! What if you’re a 7’5″ accountant with a mortgage and two kids. What if you can’t afford to drive a Hummer that will let you sit comfortably?

And once we get Ordinary But Very Tall Joe into a vehicle, where does he buy his clothes? And how does he fit behind his desk? Would that be intimidating to his clients who sit like school children on the other side of that desk?

It isn’t that I worry about these things exactly, but I do wonder. Not every tall man is coordinated enough to make the cut at the NBA… And perhaps there are several who like numbers much more than sports… so what do they do?

707px-Shaq_@NBA_All_star_gameThe other thing I wonder about is the relationship status of the players. Not that I’m interested in snagging them for myself (I have a husband who completely satisfies me), but relationships are intriguing on any level. There have to be a good number of them who are married, but you can’t tell unless you Google them because none of them wear wedding rings.

What if there was a married player who wanted to wear one? Are they allowed? Is it one of those things that’s considered uncool to the other players, or is it a danger, somehow? Like in woodworking, you’re not supposed to wear jewelry because it can get caught in machinery and you could lose your ring finger in the bargain. Is a wedding ring a danger on a basketball court? Or just in the locker room?

I suppose the moral of the story is not to watch sports with me if you’re an avid fan. I don’t pay attention to the right things. But if you’re married to me, I’ll cuddle up next to you. That’s got to count for something!