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Ten years ago, I was a starving artist. I didn’t actually starve, because I was too good at managing my nickles, but I lived on the cheap, wrote like crazy and thought to myself, “I’m really ready to find someone to settle down with. The single life is lonely.” Ten years ago, I was still writing my first published novel.

If ten years ago, I could have had a little peek into my life right now, I wouldn’t have believed my good fortune! If I could have had a peek into this moment right now, where I’m sitting by my desk, laptop computer on my lap, updating my author blog while my son colors pictures at the kitchen table… If I could have overheard a quick phone call with my adoring husband who calls just because he misses my voice… If I could have seen this, I would have hardly have dared hope it could come true.

Day Dreams by Paul Fischer

Day Dreams by Paul Gustav Fischer

What I have right now, was only a wish ten years ago. Ten years ago, I would have said, “If I could be married to a great guy, maybe have a child, and be writing books–that would be perfect. I wouldn’t ask for anything ever again!”

It’s good to remember that. Because sometimes, I find myself looking at the people around me, envying what they have just a tiny bit. I see bigger homes and think, “Wouldn’t that be nice…” or I see people shopping and I think, “I wish I could afford that right now…” or any other little thing the Joneses are up to.

It’s not a good thing to envy the Joneses. My biggest wishes, my deepest longings, have already come true. Everything else is just the cherry. It’s better to remember that.

What did you wish for that finally came true?