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I’m not a big jewelry person. I have my wedding rings. I own a string of pearls, but don’t wear them often, and I have a locket. I have a couple of rings–one was a gift, and the other I bought for myself when I graduated from college. None of it is very costly. That’s the extent of my jewelry collection.

I can’t think of a good reason why I’m not much of a jewelry person. I think it’s mostly because I’m such a sentimental sap. I’m the type of person who sees romance behind everything, and wearing a piece of jewelry just because it looks good with an outfit isn’t good enough to my sentiment-addled brain. Every time–and I mean it when I say “every time”–I put on my locket, I think something like this:

“When I’m an old woman, I’ll give this locket to my great-granddaughter, and she’ll treasure it because I wore it every single day of my adult life.”

Or, if I’ve watched Bones or Castle, I’ll think,

“If my body was found mummified in a cellar or something, they’ll know it’s me by this locket, and they’ll know who was dearest to my heart.”

(So if you happen to stumble across a mummy with this particular locket around it’s neck, double check to make sure I’m still alive and kicking, would you? 😉 )



In my current Work In Progress, I’ve added a family heirloom–a diamond pendant. I think it’s gorgeous! And I have to say, I could be convinced to wear diamonds “just because.”


So what about you? Do you have a piece of jewelry with special meaning? I’d love to hear about it!