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I’m half deaf. That’s my undiagnosed estimation of my hearing, but I definitely have a problem with hearing things. For years, my husband thought I was just being passive-aggressive when he’d say something and I’d say, “What? I can’t hear you.” But I was serious! I couldn’t hear him. And I thought he was being equally passive-aggressive when he’d say it again in exactly the same tone, just a tad bit lower than I could make out. It isn’t everything–just certain frequencies, I think–like the frequency of a human voice.

StudearringWhen I talk to friends on the phone, I’m a yeller. I holler away in joyful exuberance. I figure if I can’t hear them, they must have trouble hearing me, too.

We have a habit that we always pray before we drive, but when my husband prays, I really can’t make out what he’s saying. I know he’s done when he puts the car into gear. And once we start driving, when my son says something to me in the back seat, I can’t hear him unless he raises his voice. My husband can hear him the first time.

It’s amusing now that everyone understands that Mommy is half-deaf. It was way less amusing before we were all on the same page with that. Ironically, I’m also one of those people who need quiet, so I’m loathe to fix my hearing issues. If noise levels that are normal to me right now can be overwhelming, God help me if I got hearing aids! I’d love to hear more of what my family says, but I’d hate to hear more of the general racket of everything else around me.

I figure that a little bit of hearing difficulties are good for my writing. I can focus that much easier without hearing all the pesky noises that everyone else does. Pins dropping? I don’t need that. I find them just fine when I step on them. 😉