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Nothing says spring like massively pregnant goats.


I found this page on Facebook, and I’m now officially hooked on it. I’m waiting for this gorgeous mama goat to give birth, and every day a new picture of Butter Icing is posted as we all wait with bated breath. When will the kids arrive? And perhaps more importantly, how many are in there??


If you’d like to follow the drama of these adorable goats, you can find them on Facebook at Hawks Mtn Ranch Pygora Goats. As for me, I just can’t look away. Not only are these goats the cutest little creatures I’ve ever seen, but it’s the dose of Spring we’ve all been waiting for up here in Canada.

We’ve been melting–which is a beautiful, beautiful thing–but we’ll still get snow a couple of more times before the warm weather actually sticks. So I make do with the gorgeous Spring weather that the rest of you are enjoying.

And this goat just makes me happy, so I thought I’d share her with the rest of you. Drop by Hawks Mountain Ranch on Facebook–you’ll find yourself hooked, too!