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My next book, Rancher’s Redemption, is due to hit bookstores in January 2015. The date might change yet, but so far, that is the information I have. But this means that things are starting to move on the editing side!

First of all, I needed to find some “visuals” for the cover artists to use. They need to know what my characters look like, and while I have a great mental image of them, I needed to send them pictures. We are advised to choose pictures of actors who look similar to our characters, so that’s what I did.

My heroine, a nurse and a city girl, is Nicole Kidman. My hero, a rancher who has just discovered an unnerving secret about his father, is Dean Cain. (You just have to imagine a cowboy hat on his head…)



The title for Rancher’s Redemption is going to change. Titles are hard to choose because so many are already taken. I believe that Rancher’s Redemption is pretty close to the title of another recent release, so I’m going to have to find another one. This will be a long process that consists of me wandering around with a piece of paper and a pen, jotting down ideas as they occur to me, then emails flying back and forth between my editor and I. When we come to a consensus, you’ll be the first to know!