I promised that you’d be the first to know about the new title for RANCHER’S REDEMPTION… and you are! Sort of. I did tell my Patricia Johns Facebook Page first… I’m sorry! (But if you’re on Facebook, come by and join us.)

My editor just emailed me with the title: THE RANCHER’S CITY GIRL.

What do you think? Does it make you want to see more?

Photo by Kerri-Jo Stewart

Photo by Kerri-Jo Stewart

The Rancher’s City Girl

The nurse for a dying old man steps in as temporary medic at a ranch… but what does a city girl know about healing the heart of a rancher?

When Eloise called Rancher Cory Stone to inform him of his father’s impending death, she hadn’t realized that the two had never met. So when Cory asked her to step in as medic for a couple of weeks at his ranch, she agreed, hoping that the time together would give her patient and his estranged son a final chance at a relationship.

Cory Stone never knew much about his biological father, but this chance to get to know him is too good to pass up. Besides, his father’s beautiful nurse has drawn his attention, too… Except that she’s a city girl to the core, and he’s rooted to his land. When he finally discovers the secret behind his paternity, will a relationship even be possible with his father, or with the emotionally wounded nurse?

Coming to a bookstore January 2015