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When I came across this online, it cracked me up! Now, I’m not in the business of seducing anyone but my husband, but I think there is a certain amount of truth to the idea that awkwardness is attractive.

US-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM-OSCARSThink of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s America’s sweetheart right now, and it isn’t because of her beauty or acting talent. (And she has plenty of both.) What do we love most? She trips when she accepts awards. She falls down on red carpets. She refuses to diet. She blurts out her real feelings about things when she probably would have been better saying nothing at all… She’s delightfully and unabashedly awkward. And we adore her! Men want to be with her, and women… well, we want to be with her, too, but more in a BFF way where we go shopping together and then sit on the couch and eat chips. (Because of anyone, we’re pretty sure that JLaw would never judge!)

We all want to be seen at our best, but we aren’t actually at our most attractive when we’re perfect. We’re most beautiful at our most vulnerable. When we can mess up and laugh at our mistakes, or when we can admit to not knowing something, when we stop pretending to be a more perfect version of ourselves, that our inner beauty shines out.


Have a gorgeous dress and flawless makeup, and we’ll think you look good. But have a face plant at the Oscars? We’ll love you forever!

As a romance writer, it’s my job to create a heroine that my readers can relate to. I also need to create a heroine with whom my reader wants to spend 150 pages. No one wants to hang out with Miss Perfection. So I attempt to create your new best friend–a woman with enough attitude to make her fun, enough humility to make her accessible, and a heart of gold so that you really do wish the best for her. My goal is to serve up Jennifer Lawrence in book form.

So what about you–who is your fantasy celebrity best friend?