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We planted a pinto bean. I wasn’t even sure if a pinto bean from the bulk section of a grocery store would even grow. I mean, in theory it would, right? But you just never know.

To my surprise, (although perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so shocked when a seed does what it’s supposed to do) it did grow! And it grew and grew into a nice leafy vine. Then it got some flowers on it, and I thought, “There is no way this thing will ever grow beans. I mean, there are no bees to pollinate it.” I’m no farmer, but I have seen some educational TV and bees are a pretty big part of crops and all that, right? (And here is where I should assure you that when I do write a novel about a farmer, there will be massive amounts of research done to close this gap…)

But it did grow beans. These little, fragile pods sprouted, and we watched them get bigger every day. They grew and grew until the plant turned yellow and started to die. So we picked the bean pods and opened them up. I figured if nothing else it could be a learning moment for my son about where the beans in the bulk bin at the grocery store come from. There were these pale little green beans inside that looked nothing like the beans in the grocery store, and we put them on a plate to dry. I thought, “They probably aren’t mature enough. I was growing a bean plant in a tiny plant pot. It probably died before the beans were even ready.”

I forgot about the drying beans. I was busy about other things. I’d really given up on any more “teachable moments” coming out of them. My son tried to eat a couple of them green and new, and I worried he’d get a tummy ache if they weren’t cooked. (I don’t know! Weird mother worries.) The beans were forgotten for the time being until one day, my son said, “I planted the beans!”

Sure enough, he’d shoved a few into that tiny pot that we’d just ripped the last bean plant out of.

I wasn’t holding my breath. I mean, they probably wouldn’t do anything in that soil, right?

But this morning….


A bean!

I’ve never been so moved by a sprouting plant before in my life. Never underestimate the power of new beginnings, people. You don’t have to have a whole lot of faith in the process for the process to take care of itself.

There is always tomorrow. ❤