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If you keep up with me on Facebook, you already know that I’ve been offered a new contract for A FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE. I’m very excited, and already working on the necessary edits. Getting that phone call never gets old, I have to say! I can’t wait to share Matt and Rachel’s story with all of you when it comes out. (The publication date is still to be determined, but you’ll all be the first the know once I get that information.)

Are you curious to know what this story is about?



A baby was left on the doorstep of a fire station in the small town of Haggerston, Montana, and Captain Matt Bailey was the one to discover him. Six years later, the “baby” is back with his adoptive mother, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Matt is determined to get out of town to escape the horrific memories of a fatal school fire, and while God does give healing, Matt is pretty sure that his healing is going to have to happen from a distance.

Widowed Rachel Carter moved to Haggerston in an attempt to give her adoptive son, Chris, some roots, and the firefighter who found her little boy six years ago seems to be a part of that. Except Matt Bailey is headed out of town, and she’s equally determined to to never become involved with another firefighter again. Her late husband was a firefighter who died in the line of duty, and she doesn’t think she could endure losing another man she loves to the job.

When Rachel agrees to coach Matt on how to present to school groups, they are tugged just close enough to make them wonder if love might be enough… Except there is a little boy whose needs outweigh their deepest desires, and there are some things even a firefighter can’t promise.