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I have a 6 year old boy, so hollering, “No, I’m not helping you pick up your toys. You took them out, you put them away!” is pretty common around here. That is normally hollered from my desk where I am desperately trying to get a bit of writing done while my son is supposed to be otherwise occupied cleaning up… As most 6 year olds, he HATES cleaning up, and will try all sorts of distractions to get out of doing it. In such times, I’ve also been known to come out with, “Do you have two hands? Use them! If you used all this time to just do it, you’d be done by now.”

Well, right after hollering one of the above, I came across this video. (An email from my mom.) I like this guy. He’s handsome, charming and completely winsome!

This was worth my time. And worth showing to my son. ❤

Seriously, watch this! If a man with no arms and legs can farm, then… well, the applications are endless, aren’t they?