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My friend has just signed up for an online dating service, and she invited me to fill out the forms with her. This is the closest that I can get to the dating scene (being married and all…) and it’s surprisingly fun! I envied her a little–not that I want to date anyone, don’t get me wrong–but answering all those questions, filling out lists, narrowing down exactly what she was looking for… That process is fun! I had to hold myself back from nudging her aside and taking over. (As if she’d let me… ha!) I’d make a good old-timey matchmaker.

“You and you. I’ll speak to your fathers. You’d do well together.”


I would have to wait until I was an elderly woman with a hunch or something in order to really fill the role, but I think it would be perfect for me! It wouldn’t be nosiness if I was providing a service, now would it? 😉

If I could have a fun part time job, it would be working for a dating service. I’d absolutely love to make introductions. Everyone wants love, and I think everyone deserves it. But in this day and age, stumbling across that perfect match is that much more difficult… So if I ever decide to moonlight, you know where to find me!

And the minute I turn eighty, I’m going to let my hair go crazy and put up my shingle: Patricia Johns–Matchmaking and Fine Goat Cheese.

Because I also like goats.