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I love being called “ma’am.” I find it respectful. I like it when a young person calls me “ma’am.” I AM older than they are. I AM a married woman. I AM someone’s mother. So when someone calls me “ma’am,” be it a young person or someone my age, I feel respected and valued.

Vaterländischer Verdienstorden an Ingrid Krämer

Not all women feel as I do. I constantly see women fuming over being called “ma’am” because it makes them feel older. They don’t feel respected. They don’t enjoy the old fashioned manners. They are left generally miffed after being “ma’am-ed.” The same old fashioned term that I enjoy so much leaves them with a much different feeling.

One of the hard parts of writing is choosing the perfect title for you book. Just like “ma’am”, everyone has a different reaction to those four or five words on the front of a book. There is no guarantee that your title will make it past the marketing department at Harlequin because not everyone is going to feel the same way when they look at your title–and your title is your first impression.

A FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE is due out May 2015. I’m really excited to have a release date, and this means that this book is now rolling in the Love Inspired editorial department. They like my title, but I need to be on the safe side and provide a few other options.

Here are a few things that could go wrong:

~Another author has a similar title in the Love Inspired lineup

~The marketing department feels that the title gives the wrong impression

~The title doesn’t snag the right interest for that particular line


So keeping that in mind, I have prepared a list of possible replacement titles, and out of that list these are the best:




So what do you think? Do you like any of these? Would they make you want to pick up a Love Inspired romance?