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Art directors can’t read the author’s mind. So when editors ask us to give a visual idea of what our characters look like, they ask us to choose celebrities who most closely resemble our characters. This is a fun stage! I really enjoy sifting through internet photos looking for the perfect cast of my book.

For A FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE, I chose Matt Damon and Patricia Heaton.


Deputy Fire Chief Matt Bailey, has one mission: to leave the town where a little girl died in his arms. He just can’t shake the memories, but when Rachel Carter comes into town with her adopted son–a baby HE found on the doorstep of the fire house–can he find the strength to walk away?


Teacher Rachel Carter swore that she’d never fall for another firefighter after her husband was killed in the line of duty. When Matt Bailey asks her to help him learn how to work more effectively with school aged children, pulling back is harder than she ever imagined… If only she weren’t helping him to get a job across the state.


This book is coming to a bookstore near you May 2015.