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10616223_879442732083049_1262305916708674891_nWe really are! We have very little sympathy for our characters and put them through absolute horrors for your entertainment.

In sweet romance writing, there are a few techniques we use over and over out of absolute necessity:

1. Kill off the hero/heroine’s parents.
We only have so much space to tell this story, and having supportive parents around to help a character think straight can really get in the way of a quick paced romance.

2. Give the hero/heroine some horrific trauma in their past.
Everyone needs a hurdle, right?

3. Kill off the first husband/wife.
Just clearing space to make this story happen!

4. Kill off wealthy secondary characters.
Wills, wills, wills! They are very useful to a storyline.

5. Leave sweet little orphans on doorsteps and whatnot.
To tug at your heartstrings, of course.

6. Tear characters apart who truly and deeply love each other.
Sorry, folks, happy and balanced relationships don’t make a story.

7. Give someone a disfiguring accident.
To prove that beauty is more than skin deep. Could we do it in a less invasive way? Maybe, but you wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

Anyone checking out our computer search history would probably think that we’re sociopaths, but don’t judge us too harshly. At least we aren’t as cruel as the writers of old fashioned fairy tales!