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In an attempt to get my son to watch educational television, I’ve been watching nature shows around him, pretending that this is my first choice in TV watching.

“Oh, look! A show about sperm whales! This is amazing. Kiddo, don’t even watch this with me. Go do something in the other room. I can’t wait to watch this show all by myself.

Reverse psychology works wonders on this kid.

So, reverse-psychologizing away, I recently watched a show about sperm whales where they showed an actual sperm whale brain next to a human brain. It was massive, and much wrinklier, interestingly enough. I left me a little stunned. We tend to think of animals as beneath us, intelligence-wise, but when you look at those brains side by side, I’m pretty sure if sperm whales had thumbs, they’d be ruling us!


Then I saw this video of beluga whales playing with kids, and I’m convinced of it. Yes, there is a food chain, and yes animals have instincts, but I’m sure they have souls, too. Just ask a dog owner! You won’t win that argument.

But instead of arguing with people on the internet, watch this: (the fun starts at about :25)