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I’ve started researching my 1920’s book in earnest, which meant a weekend trip to our local historical park. I wanted to get a feel for things… Research books are one thing, but stepping into a reenactment is another. I had hoped to sleuth out some useful information, but in my wildest, research-y dreams I didn’t think I’d come across an interpreter like Miss S.DSC03227

She was fantastic! Miss S had worked in several different buildings that were along the 1920 street, and she was an absolute wealth of information! She had this binder full of wonders that she could refer to now and again, and no matter what I asked, she had an answer. A gentleman in a WWI soldier uniform came in and helped fill in some blanks for me, too, surrounding the Great War. It rounded out a very productive day that consisted of a fistful of papers filled with my scrawl. Perfection!

DSC03245And to round it off, I’m going to include a really awful picture of me. But since I’m a firm believer in our true beauty lying in our hearts and minds, with a fair dose of general hygiene thrown in, I’m posting it anyhow. I’ve looked better, but let’s be honest–I probably look like this more often. Especially when squinting into sunlight. 😉