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Most people cringe at the thought. In fact, I personally know people who get downright stabby when they hear a tinny rendition of Santa Baby piped into a store before December 1. Do NOT push them. They will think Christmassy thoughts when they are good and ready, and they deeply resent being nudged into it by retailers and ad campaigns.

I’m not one of them.

Christmas shopping on Fifth Avenue, 1900

Christmas shopping on Fifth Avenue, 1900

Now, I’m not Christmas shopping in September because I feel so Christmassy. It’s actually more boring that that. I shop in September, because the financial blow hurts less if you spread it out over a couple or three months. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I don’t whip it off like a Band-Aid. I pull it slowly, slowly, tearing out one arm hair at a time. 😉 A little gift here… a little gift there… You can actually squeeze a gift out of your grocery budget if you time it right! However I do it, I refuse to have any Christmas debt come January.

Dave Ramsey would be proud. That’s called be “gazelle intense,” when it comes to debt. It’s also called “annoying your friends and fans with untimely Christmas references.”

So today, the last day of September, I dropped my son off at school and headed down to Walmart to check out the toy department. I’ve crammed my purchases into the back of my closet, and heaved a sigh of relief. I’m not done, but I’ve started, and like novel-writing, having started takes off that edge.

Now we can bring on Thanksgiving. And here in Canada, that’s coming up in about two weeks.