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The other day, my husband was getting ready to go to the gym, and I was following him around making conversation.

Me: I read an article that said that couples who kiss more often are happier.

Him: We kiss.

Me: I know, but how well? I mean, do we kiss like we did when we were dating?

Him: Yes?

Me: You should sound more certain.

Him: Come here. (He kissed me.) See?

Me: That was like two seconds. They say we’re supposed to kiss for a full twenty seconds for chemical bonding to happen.

This won me an eye roll, which wasn’t entirely unjustified. We have a lot of conversations that spring from online articles I’ve read. Yahoo relationship articles have the depth of Cosmo quizzes, so I don’t begrudge him a few eye rolls. He wandered off to find his back pack and then stopped at the front door.

Him: Okay, bye. Love you. (He bent for a quick kiss.)

Me: Wait. Twenty seconds. Like this…

640px-Francesco_Hayez_008And I kissed him. To fill up twenty seconds of kissing takes a bit more commitment to the process, and when I was done with him he blinked down at me.

Him: Okay, like that.

Me: Yeah, like that.

Him: Where is my back pack? I’d better go get it.

Me: On your back.

Him: Oh… You’re good at that.

Yes, yes I am! With him, at least. We’ve still got it. 😉